An Introduction?

Since this is my first post, I feel like I should write up a small introduction of who I am. But then again, eh. The tl;dr version — I’m 21, live in Portugal, love to knit, read and want to brag about the things I do on the Internet. For the last year I’ve been trying to lead a more sustainable and minimalist way of life.

That being being said, I’ve begun building my own wardrobe — no more acrylic sweaters from H&M that are super cold but still cost 40€, no sir! Up until this point in my life, I’ve mostly knit a bunch of socks, a lace cowl for my mom, a scarf for my boyfriend and a couple of hats for me. But I’ve been so scared of knitting sweaters. A month or two ago I was listening to the podcast, and they mentioned that knitting top-down sweaters was the gateway to sweater knitting. And so it is! I cast on the Willard Pullover by Hannah Fettig about a week ago, and I am about halfway through knitting the body. This is my first sweater, as I’ve mentioned, but it was also the first time doing stranded colourwork, and also my first attempt at magic-looping something. After reading some comments on Ravelry that recommended keeping the floats super-duper-loose, I did so. They ended up a bit too loose, but I’m being very forgiving of myself, it being my first try at it and all.

So snuggly.
So snuggly. Ravelry project page.

I’m using DROPS Lima in the Off White colourway for the main colour and Rost for the contrast one. The yarn is very good, 65% wool and 35%. It’s very warm, has a bit of a halo, but isn’t super itchy. I’ve found that DROPS yarns are either great or horrible, so I’m happy with this one. It does, however, come all the way from Peru, and the very, very low price tag makes me squirm a bit — but it was the only one which ticked all the boxes (wool and alpaca blend, dk weight, being pretty).


I’m also working on a pair of simple socks for me. I’m using Schoppel-Wolle’s Admiral 4-ply in the burgundy colourway, bought at the lovely Retrosaria. These are simple socks with a *k3,p1* ribbing all along the leg and instep. I finished a pair a couple of weeks ago using the same pattern (but in dark green) and yarn for my boyfriend, and they were so warm I immediately cast-on a pair for myself. And then I abandoned them completely for the pullover. Socks are by far my favourite thing to knit — useful, gorgeous yarns and patterns, and quick! But I knit about 5 pairs in a row and then suffered a huge burn-out.

That little white thing in the cuff is an elastic thread I always knit together with the yarn (just so the socks stay up and don’t slip down to your ankles).

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