Friday Favourites #1

Happy Friday, friends! Here’s a quick round-up of my favourite reads/things on the Internet this past week:

Why I don’t believe in dressing for my body type: A great post on just wearing what you want and what makes you feel good. I feel like everyone has heard of INTO MIND, but if you haven’t, it’s a great blog on building a simple, minimalist wardrobe that works for you and isn’t overwhelming.

— A Portuguese newspaper published a small article on knitting and how it’s regaining popularity. They interviewed Rosa and Vera, who shared the full interview on their blogs (here and here).

Susan‘s sock reports always make me want to knit all the socks, and buy all the sock yarn.

— The always amazing Fringe Association wrote a post this week about inspiring women who have great handmade wardrobes. There is plenty more there to read and explore, I’m following so many new inspiring blogs because of it. And it made me think a lot about my own wardrobe goals/decisions for the future: more on that later!

Pomcast! This is not new to anyone else but me. Pom Pom Quarterly (to which I recently subscribed) has an amazing, hilarious podcast about knitting and other things. It’s a delight to listen to!

— Loved reading Leigh‘s post on working from your stash. This is something I often struggle with, as I want all the pretty things, and ignore that I already have pretty things at home that I can work and create with. It’s funny how you get so used to the things you own you stop seeing them.

Quince and Co.’s new collection for their worsted-weight linen yarn, Kestrel. I am especially enamoured with Yarrow and Hibiscus.

Bookrageous‘ latest podcast on strong female characters. They do a killer job of explaining exactly why pop culture places women on either the weak or strong side of the spectrum, and why that sucks.

— My favourite song this week: Way To Be Loved by TOPS. It’s been so sunny here, and this song is so spring-y.


As for non-online reading, I’m working my way through two books at the moment: Yasunari Kawabata’s Snow Country and Gillian Flynn’s Dark Places on audiobook — I am enjoying the latter more, as I knew I would. Flynn always writes the most complicated, interesting characters, and super enjoyable, edge-of-your-seat mysteries.

What are your plans for the weekend? Will you be reading or knitting something (or maybe both?) Tell me in the comments below!


One thought on “Friday Favourites #1

  1. Thanks for posting these links! I’m really exited about Into Mind now, and I can’t wait to binge-read as much as I can. Just wanted to let you know that I am really enjoying reading your writing on your blog – I actually found it from your comment on that amazing Fringe Association handmade wardrobe post. I’m so glad I did!


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