What I’ve been watching

I do most of my knitting while watching TV, so I decided to share some of the shows I’ve been watching and loving recently.

I watched the entirety of Seinfeld while knitting the body of my Waterlily. I had only watched a few episodes here and there, and I had a lot more fun with this than I would expect. I kind of hate everyone in it, because they’re such awful, awful people — but their incredibly stupid shenanigans are so funny. Plus, it made me want to dress like Elaine Benes all the time. It’s a great background show, I think — perfect for knitting.

A very new release, Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell is only three episodes in. The same-titled book by Susanna Clarke the show is adapted from is one of my all-time favourites — one of the best fantasy novels I’ve ever read — and the show does not disappoint. The characters are all perfectly cast, there’s enough detail to keep it close to the source material but it is perfect as a TV show as well. I highly recommend this one — especially if you’re a fan of period dramas.

Another one adapted from a favourite book (sensing a theme?), Wolf Hall aired earlier this year and it totally slipped my radar until now. Historical fiction on the rise and fall of Anne Boleyn has been done to death, but Wolf Hall is just the best one, period. The show is actually based on both Wolf Hall and Bring Up The Bodies, both by Hilary Mantel — but, unlike most pieces of historical fiction centering around Henry VIII, this one is told from the eyes of Thomas Cromwell, a blacksmith’s son who rises to power in the 1520s. The show is gorgeous, and since it’s only 6 episodes long, you get to devour the whole thing in a weekend. I know this periods’ history by heart ever since reading a book about Henry VIII when I was a kid and then becoming obsessed with it, but it’s still fascinating how gripped I am by the storyline — when I, of course, know what’s going to happen.

I loved this show and I am too sad to talk about now that it has ended, so here’s a piece on The Millions that sums up everything I feel quite nicely: Mourning, Meaning and Moving On: Life After Mad Men.